Show the world you love our Great Barrier Reef

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This record-breaking visual petition will illustrate the universal support for Reef protection and send a powerful message to decision makers who can influence the future of our Reef.

Each photo represents one person who is passionate about protecting the Great Barrier Reef. If we reach our goal, this visual petition will bring together over 120,000 ocean lovers globally, breaking a world record. Together, our demand for action to protect our Reef will be impossible to ignore.

Help us get to 120,000 submissions!

Protection of our unbelievably precious reef is NOT NEGOTIABLE!!!

Alix Johnstone QLD Australia

This is our lifeline. If the reef fails, we fail. Let’s keep it healthy for us to enjoy, to be able to breathe and


For the creatures of the blue lagoon & fauna and flora of Lady Musgrave Island (Bunker Group) SGBR Protect them from Tourism.

alison raynor QLD Australia

Don’t ruin our reef

Jacqueline Kasch NSW Australia

The true Australian icon!

Sarah Lovel VIC Australia

1. Our oceans health has strong implications on food shortages globally 2. Protect the rights of marine animals

Tess Maliepaard NSW Australia


I love the ocean and I want it to always be there thriving for all the years to come so that everyone on this

Hannah Russell NSW Australia

1995 sailing in the Whitsundays during a storm! What an experience!

Imogen Scott NSW Australia

Please don’t be like Brazil – they’re failing to project the Amazon. Be Australia – protect the Great Barrier Reef

Supriya Perera QLD Australia

Keep all gill nets away from the Great Barrier Reef.

Robin Knox NT Australia

Home to a great diversity of marine life, the Great Barrier Reef is the largest living structure in the world. Please protect now! 💙🌊🌏

Noni Yiannacou VIC Australia

Sweetlip, Agincourt Reefs

Steve Pogonowski VIC Australia

Simon Wetz WA Australia

keep it clean

Charlie Heathorn QLD Australia

There is nothing else like it! Protect the Reef!!!

Sienna Cushen VIC Australia

Our precious Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven natural wonders of the world and MUST BE PROTECTED for all time!

Karen Houghton QLD Australia

Protect the reef

Sean Michael VIC Australia

The Great Barrier Reef sparked my love for our planet and the drive to work to preserve and protect our incredible Oceans.

Katt Andryskova QLD Australia

I love our GBR. What a beautiful world filled with wonder that is so biologically diverse, we cannot afford to loose it. Please protect

Deb Geronimi NSW Australia

Mischa Wise WA Australia

First dive ever on the reef

Riley Romig QLD Australia

Help to do your bit and Protect the reef, there is no planet B.

Chelsy Ralston QLD Australia

GBR climate action.

Jane Tanswell QLD Australia


Caitlin Leech QLD Australia

We love the reef, environment and the beauty of the environment!

Leanne Pearson VIC

catherine stott-mclean Australia

We need to fight for the reef because it’s the most beautiful place in the world

Nyah O’Mahony QLD Australia

Maddy Dodd QLD Australia

Save the great barrier reef

Melanie Nimos VIC Australia