Show the world you love our Great Barrier Reef

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This record-breaking visual petition will illustrate the universal support for Reef protection and send a powerful message to decision makers who can influence the future of our Reef.

Each photo represents one person who is passionate about protecting the Great Barrier Reef. If we reach our goal, this visual petition will bring together over 120,000 ocean lovers globally, breaking a world record. Together, our demand for action to protect our Reef will be impossible to ignore.

Help us get to 120,000 submissions!

Working as a dive instructor at the reef helps me connect with nature and inspires me to protect the planet.

Tanya Murphy QLD Australia

Fight for our reef!!

Rohnan Laws QLD Australia

Lady Musgrave Island, on the southern Great Barrier Reef. We must all work together to help protect this beautiful part of our planet!

Diana Nocente QLD

Kelly Weiss QLD Australia

If we don’t protect our plant and animal friends from ourselves, who will?

Larry Woldenberg NSW Australia

The Great Barrier Reef is a treasure to all mankind and should be protect.

xiaowen Yu VIC Australia

I have had to go back in time to find my favourite reef photo because scenes like this are getting harder to find with

Matthew Stanton NSW Australia

#love the reef! Who dosen’t? KEEP IT PROTECTED!!

Amez Campbell QLD Australia

I wanna help save our oceans

Ophelia Hill WA United States

It truly is beautiful

Celeste Bowie QLD Australia

Vote for leaders who are going to protect & conserve the Great Barrier Reef, reduce fossil fuels & change to renewable resources.

Alex PW VIC Australia

Leveena Denton NSW Australia

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most magical places on Earth. We should be doing everything we can to protect this unique

Lea Dawes QLD Australia

2022 bait reef! #exploregroup

Katie Hartley QLD Australia

Wife and the kid snorkeling in 2015. It was nice but sporadic and nothing like the under water garden we saw when we were

Sooren Basil VIC Australia

Climate action now

Jordan Roughead VIC

I pray my grandchildren will get to see the wonders I’ve seen at the GBR in their lifetimes.

Sylvia Phasey VIC Australia

More needs to be done to stop misinformation from parties linked to mining companies(eg IPA).And more needs to be done about pollution.

Richard Van Gelderen QLD Australia

While at Heron Island on the southern end of the GBR, standing in the shallows, watching reef sharks and rays glide past. Heaven on

Justine McKee QLD Australia

Heron Island

Danielle Tippo QLD Australia

Flying into Cairns

Sharon Robertson QLD Australia

This was taken on a snorkeling trip from Port Douglas

Gabrielle Whelan NSW Australia

I spent 7 days on mv Spirit of Freedom sailing from Horn Island to Cairn on outer reef Pristine conditions

Trevor Cotterill NSW Australia

Hope it’s not too late

Simon Wetz WA Australia

“I’ve joined the #FightForOurReef” Fitzroy Island

Madeline VIC Australia

I might not be certified, but I’m recognised!

Nick Ashby QLD Australia

I’ve joined the #FightForOurReef This is at AQWA, Perth, WA

Gemma Pyne WA Australia

Please protect our beautiful reef for future generations and all the amazing reef life

Audrey Van Beusichem QLD Australia

Lets keep our wonders of nature alive!

Margret Floeckner Higbid WA Australia

The world needs the Great Barrier Reef and as custodians Australians must ensure its protection