Show the world you love our Great Barrier Reef

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This record-breaking visual petition will illustrate the universal support for Reef protection and send a powerful message to decision makers who can influence the future of our Reef.

Each photo represents one person who is passionate about protecting the Great Barrier Reef. If we reach our goal, this visual petition will bring together over 120,000 ocean lovers globally, breaking a world record. Together, our demand for action to protect our Reef will be impossible to ignore.

Help us get to 120,000 submissions!

Save our reef

Jacqueline Cullen VIC Australia

Lady Elliot island-Great Barrier Reef

Gretel Le Lievre QLD Australia

Dunk island

Ute Lamkowski Germany

We visited the Whitsundays on the GBR Christmas 2021, and noticed the coral bleaching – help save our reefs!

Michelle Fisher QLD Australia

To lose it would be devastating.

Anastasia Baldwin NSW Australia

Protect the reef – so future generations of Goldspotted Sweetlips can continue to fall in love on Lady Elliot Island reef, just like I

Jenita Enevoldsen WA Australia

I live and work on the most famous reef in the world, the Great Barrier Reef. It is incredibly beautiful but it needs our

Susy James QLD Australia

Eric Naji United States

I want to protect the Reef.

Marilyn Cunnington VIC Australia

We went to the Frankland Islands in 2019

Kate Jones SA Australia

We need you to do more to support the Reef

Peter McGee NSW Australia

Taken at Lady Musgrave, the puller fish I find mesmerising every time with their blue/ green colouration.

Veronica Rankin QLD Australia

Protect our Oceans !!!!

Kurt Amsler France

Beautiful Lady Elliott Island mantas

Sarah Marshall SA Australia

It’s amazing on how much time stops looking at even just one square meter of our fantastic reef

Michael Warburton VIC Australia

First photo from glass bottom boat. Outside Green Island.

Jens Svensson ACT Australia

Fight for our Reef

Martine Porret NSW Australia

Liesl Bourke QLD Australia

Save the oceans

Elli van den Broeke WA Australia

I have swam the Cairns’ Green Island which is part of the Great Barrier Reef.

Patrick Li NSW Australia

Protect our reef.

Carol VIC Australia

Wonderful memories of glorious diving on Steve’s Bommie

Anne Stevens NSW Australia

Coral photo in the late afternoon at Lady Elliot Island.

Denise Smith QLD Australia

Great day on the Great Barrier Reef. Picture from underwater submarine.

Susan Newby NSW Australia

This must be protected we are only Tenants

Stuart Gray QLD Australia

Save our Great Barrier Reef, keep Coal, Oil and Gas in the ground.

Craig Holmes QLD Australia

Unbelievable that Australian governments aren’t doing everything possible to save the Reef. Bandaids and bluff aren’t good enough.

Peter Sainsbury NSW Australia

Save the Great Barrier Reef!

Colleen Kempys QLD Australia

This if Fly Island off Palm Island, Qld where I learned scuba diving on the glorious Great Barrier Reef.

Merridy Malin SA Australia

Eric Miller VIC Australia