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This visual petition will illustrate the universal support for Reef protection and send a powerful message to decision makers who can influence the future of our Reef. 


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Mischa Wise WA Australia

First dive ever on the reef

Riley Romig QLD Australia

Help to do your bit and Protect the reef, there is no planet B.

Chelsy Ralston QLD Australia

GBR climate action.

Jane Tanswell QLD Australia


Caitlin Leech QLD Australia

We love the reef, environment and the beauty of the environment!

Leanne Pearson VIC

catherine stott-mclean Australia

We need to fight for the reef because it’s the most beautiful place in the world

Nyah O’Mahony QLD Australia

Maddy Dodd QLD Australia

Save the great barrier reef

Melanie Nimos VIC Australia

Working as a dive instructor at the reef helps me connect with nature and inspires me to protect the planet.

Tanya Murphy QLD Australia

Fight for our reef!!

Rohnan Laws QLD Australia

Lady Musgrave Island, on the southern Great Barrier Reef. We must all work together to help protect this beautiful part of our planet!

Diana Nocente QLD

Kelly Weiss QLD Australia

If we don’t protect our plant and animal friends from ourselves, who will?

Larry Woldenberg NSW Australia

The Great Barrier Reef is a treasure to all mankind and should be protect.

xiaowen Yu VIC Australia

I have had to go back in time to find my favourite reef photo because scenes like this are getting harder to find with

Matthew Stanton NSW Australia

#love the reef! Who dosen’t? KEEP IT PROTECTED!!

Amez Campbell QLD Australia

I wanna help save our oceans

Ophelia Hill WA United States

It truly is beautiful

Celeste Bowie QLD Australia